Kathleen A. Davies


Delaware Teachers Endorse Kathleen Davies

Kathleen Davies has the experience needed to get done the critical work of the State Auditor’s office. With more than 25 years of auditing and accounting experience, Kathleen is the most qualified candidate with the skills needed to serve as a strong watchdog for Delaware’s taxpayers. DSEA members want an auditor who is going to hold state agencies and school districts accountable for taxpayer dollars. We enthusiastically recommend Kathleen for State Auditor and believe she’s the best choice for voters to make on September 6th.

The American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE) endorses Kathleen Davies

Kathleen Davies has dedicated her public-sector career to making sure taxpayer dollars are spent wisely and appropriately, which makes her the best candidate for Delaware State Auditor. Kathleen Davies has more than 25 years of experience as a public-sector employee, including six years as Delaware’s chief administrative auditor. As Delaware’s next State Auditor, Kathleen Davies will continue to uphold the rights of all workers, work for quality education, and recommend ways to improve public health and human services.

Delaware Women for Inclusion endorse Kathleen Davies

DWFI is proud to endorse Kathleen Davies for State Auditor for Delaware. Kathleen is highly qualified for this position. Not only do her professional training and career make her uniquely suited for the job, but she also has a deep and thorough understanding of the role, its complexities, the history and nature of issues plaguing the department over the years, and thoughtful and provocative ideas on how to fix things. We have considered all of the candidates, and we are very proud to support Kathleen!

Delaware United proudly endorses Kathleen Davies

Delaware United is proud to endorse Kathleen Davies for Delaware State Auditor, a role of utmost importance in holding accountable our government and public institutions. We have been very impressed by Kathleen’s credentials, experience, professionalism, independence, and integrity. Kathleen’s experience shines brightly. She has achieved several important certifications, served on national boards and committees, trained individuals and groups extensively, and worked as a public servant in auditing for over 25 years. Most recently, she worked as the Chief Administrative Auditor in the Delaware Auditor’s Office for over six years, delivering numerous process improvement and cost savings recommendations and reports regarding misuse of taxpayers’ funds. Kathleen has a long history of independence and integrity. Dedicated to the highest ethical standards, she has never allowed political or personal considerations to impact her work or audit findings. In fact, she has taken difficult stands against corruption and the mismanagement of taxpayer money. Over the years, she has produced many reports addressing transparency, inappropriate records distraction, wasteful spending, and fraudulent practices.

State Representative John Kowalko makes a rare primary endorsement

It is not often that I choose to make an endorsement in a primary election, but sometimes a candidate stands out from the rest and earns my recognition and support. An individual of impeccable integrity, experience and intelligence best describes Kathleen Davies. Ms. Davies stands above the others in my opinion and will administer the affairs and responsibilities of the Auditor’s office with an exceptional consideration for fairness and honesty. I am proud to endorse Kathleen Davies as the Democratic candidate for the office of State Auditor. Kathleen Davies has more than 25 years’ experience in state auditing with six years as the second-in-command at the Office of Auditor of Accounts. Davies has the expertise to perform independent evaluations of state funded programs. She will work to identify recommendations for process improvements including work to support quality education and to provide recommendations to advance public health and human services. Davies has the qualifications, experience, and commitment to providing transparent public reporting and fiscal accountability.

Rep. John Viola Endorses Kathleen Davies

After considering all the candidates, I enthusiastically endorse Kathleen Davies for State Auditor. This fall, we will elect our first new State Auditor in 29 years, so this election is of the utmost importance to residents of the First State. Kathleen Davies is the only candidate in the race with the qualifications and experience necessary for this office.

Representative Andria Bennett Endorses Kathleen Davies

After careful consideration, I am proud to endorse Kathleen Davies for our next State Auditor. Kathleen has the experience we need for this very important position. Kathleen is a Certified State Government Auditor and has worked in state government auditing for over 25 years, including fifteen years in leadership and six years as second-in-command in the Delaware Office of Auditor of Accounts.

The State Auditor role is a very unique one in state government. It requires a specific knowledge of the processes, procedures, and industry standards surrounding proper auditing and investigation. The role cannot be stepped into lightly and learned on the job. Kathleen Davies is ready to lead on day one.

Further, Kathleen’s history is one of independence and the highest professional and ethical standards. No elected position in Delaware needs that kind of independence and integrity more than the office of State Auditor. Kathleen has a long history of producing reliable, factual reports geared towards identifying and eliminating fraud, waste, and abuse.

We have the opportunity to elect a an auditor that can make a difference. Please join me in supporting Kathleen Davies for Delaware’s next State Auditor.

Progressive Democrats for Delaware