Jerry Mitchell

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I met Kathleen in 2001 when she was promoted to director of Technical Audit Services at the Pennsylvania Department of the Auditor General. At the time I was a young training manager in the TAS division. My primary responsibility was software training for over 800 employees.

In her new position, Kathleen took the helm of overseeing three divisions with a laser focus and down to earth approach that I still admire to this day. She never beat her chest or looked for pats on the shoulder when things went right, nor did she pass the buck when things went south. “Do you job the best that you can every day and keep learning”. Those were her words to me in 2001 and I’m still chasing that belief.

But the most respectable and impressive quality that Kathleen displayed to her staff and the administration was that her main interest was to do what was right against whatever odds, and not what was popular. That is the definitive mark of a true leader and a quality person – standards over trend.

My respect and admiration for Kathleen has grown even more over the years and I strongly support her to be the next State Auditor for Delaware.

Jerry Mitchell